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5 Reasons Why you Should Join a Choir

5 Reasons Why you Should Join a Choir

September 9, 2018

We are excited to launch our new Pop/Rock Adult choir. For years I have wanted to start a group where adults can have fun, build community and create great music together. One genre that is lacking in the choir circles is pop/rock. So on Wednesday September 26 those people with the heart and soul for singing great music can come together and be a part of our “SING”choir.
For those of you who need some solid reasons why to join here they are:
*It’s a great place to make new friends.
Countless studies have shown how common interest groups create strong social bonds. Week after week you are with the group, learning and working toward a common goal. Singing in a choir is the best ice-breaker because the very action forces you to make your voice heard. It is a safe and enjoyable space to meet others.
*You do not need  to have the voice of Pavarotti to have a great time
Yes “SING” is an auditioned choir which means we want to make sure you can match pitch and find  your voice quality. But you don’t have to be a trained vocalist. Only the desire to learn and have fun singing with the group. Group singing is enjoyable because you can hide between the voices. Everyone sounds great TOGETHER!
*Music is stress-relieving
Music is a strong emotional force. Our SING rehearsal will quickly become your favourite part of the week. It is an opportunity to escape your daily stresses and responsibility for a few hours. Creating beautiful music together is fulfilling.
*You don’t necessarily need to know how to read music
Although it’s an import an skill to learn if you’re going to continue with singing for a long time, it is by no means required when you start. In choir you can learn the songs by listening and repeating, feeling harmonies and having an instinct for rhythm. In our “SING” choir there will be direction on music theory and you will develop as a singer.
*You get to perform in cool places
O.k well we may not take a trip to Carnegie Hall right away. But choir gets you out performing (out of your comfort zone a little..) in coffee houses, public events, senior homes and of course a final  concert. You get to dress up and be in the spotlight for an evening.
I hope you will consider joining. Give us a call to book your audition time 780-463-4815
Angie Money is the director of “SING” and  owner of Edmonton Academy of Music



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