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Edmonton Academy of Music is a southwest Edmonton music school that prioritizes building long-lasting relationships with our students—training and guiding them through their technique, repertoire and performance.

Benefits of Music Theory

Music theory is an essential part of music education. Many teachers include theory in their teaching practices. Young beginners begin to read and write notes on a staff, learn rhythms […]

Best Concert Performance Tips

This is the time of year that music, dance and theatre schools have their year end performance.  It is  a wonderful time to show off what you have learned and […]

How to Rock Your Music Exam

Spring is the time of year that our students are preparing to take their music exams.  Exams can be stressful for most of us. Performing in front  of a critical […]

4 Best Vocal Workout Exercises

Training your voice is like going to the gym for your weekly workout.  If you want to strengthen your voice, increase range and have flexibility dedicating  time to focus on […]

Planting Seeds in your Life

Spring is a wonderful time of the year.  It is the promise of warmer weather, budding of tulips, the emerging of leaves on trees, fuzzy pussy willows and new growth. […]

Preparing for a Performance

Prepare for a Performance Listen and watch various performances of the song you will be playing! Once you have your song down, try increasing your tempo! Record yourself! Play in […]

7 Helpful Tips for Piano Practicing

One of the most important things about learning a new instrument is developing good practicing habits. Having regular practice times for at least 20-minute intervals (for beginners), 45-minute (for intermediate) […]

Joshua Ryu:

This piece from Antonin Dvorak’s “Four Romantic Pieces”, is a beautiful and soothing song that I find myself revisiting lately. Music has been very healing and comforting for me during […]

Welcome Back to Music Lessons

Welcome back to Music Lessons. September is always  a month of new beginnings. We start new projects, enrol in a  a new class, redecorate or set a new fitness goal. […]