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Beginner Youth Guitar (8- 14 yr.) 10 week Basic Course!!

Beginner Youth Guitar (8- 14 yr.) 10 week Basic Course!!

December 24, 2017

If you are a novice guitar player or would like to learn the guitar sign up for our January class!! We have a 10 week beginner youth guitar course for 8- 14 yr. These are private classes where you will learn basic chords, strum patterns, how to tune your guitar and more!!
To book please look at the calendar and check which time suits your schedule. Click and Book!! You will need to bring your own guitar to class. If you don’t see a time that would work for you call our email us and we will look at what times are  available.
We have two amazing instructors Max Pedley and John McDonnell who have had  many years teaching and playing their instrument.
Fee: $365 + Membership Fee
10 weeks.( non- refundable and no make ups!!)
**After the 10 weeks you can then continue lessons in our Discover Program.



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