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Benefits of Music Theory

Benefits of Music Theory

February 24, 2024

Music theory is an essential part of music education. Many teachers include theory in their teaching practices. Young beginners begin to read and write notes on a staff, learn rhythms and understand basic dynamic names and signs. These are part of the building blocks to learn the language of music.

Music theory is literacy. Just like you would learn letters and sounds to be able to read a book, music has  a “language” that is essential  for understanding music. Here are a few good reasons why music theory is beneficial:

1. Communication– Music has a language. Understanding musical terms aids in learning a piece. Terms like chords, intervals, dynamics and their definition help in learning what the composer requires in a piece.

2. Mastering your Songs: Learning  how music is composed will assist in learning your songs quicker. You can deconstruct a piece and look at how a passage may have a chord or scale you know, or repeated rhythms and  patterns.

3. Performance: Music theory can enhance a musician’s performance . You can interpret pieces more expressively if you know why the composer wrote the melody in a certain way, or added a dynamic or musical sign.

4. Sight Reading:  You will become a better reader of music if you know what to look for in a piece.  Scanning a piece for the key , patterns, rhythms, harmonies, chords is a skill that can be sharpened.

5. Creativity: If you have ever wanted to write or compose a song music theory will give you the rules that will help you. Understanding how certain chords move or how a melody would sound better going to a certain note provides a framework for experimentation.

Understanding music theory will help you become a  more rounded and  proficient musician.  It is an essential component in music education at any stage of your musical journey.


Angie Money ,Vocal Coach- Edmonton Academy of Music




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