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Best Concert Performance Tips

Best Concert Performance Tips

May 30, 2023

This is the time of year that music, dance and theatre schools have their year end performance.  It is  a wonderful time to show off what you have learned and share it to an audience. We asked some of our teachers what their best performance tips are.

*Record your performance: While you are practicing take time to record yourself and listen. Play your piece or sing your song. Then listen for dynamics, did you keep the tempo, if you are a vocalist did you smile, emote or use gestures. Be the audience. What do you want the audience to feel after you perform?

Angie Money-Voice Teacher

*Think of a story, picture, person , something that will emotionally connect you with the music. If you’re connected the audience will feel it as well.

Sarena Rattray-Piano Teacher

*Pick a song that you can play the best, not necessarily your most difficult or advanced piece. You will feel more comfortable and the audience will enjoy it  more.

John Mcdonnell-Guitar Teacher

Other performance tips to consider:

*Play or sing your song from memory, even if you sometimes make mistakes. Lose the music stand and sheet music. It is also useful to have a few points in the song where you can restart should things go wrong.

*Perform  anywhere and everywhere, make any space a concert stage.

*Go to different concerts and performances to view other artists. Take notes on what you enjoyed.

*Have fun, enjoy sharing your gift of music to the audience.


Angie Money is the Director of Edmonton Academy of Music





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