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Confident You Confident Voice-New Course for Adult Beginner Singing Students

30.06.2020   Angie Money     No comments

I am excited to launch the Confident You Confident Voice Course. This course is designed to equip the Adult Beginner Singing Student to move from fear and insecurity about their

Tips for Music Practice with Your Young Musician

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If you are new to the  music lessons scene  and how it all works here are some thoughts. Practicing 5 times per week is important. One of the things children

Music for Little Mozarts 4-5 yr Group Class

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Here’s a fun, interactive way to get your budding musician off to a fun start! Music for Little Mozarts  provides age appropriate piano instruction that is designed to develop the

Can anyone learn how to sing?

14.10.2019   Angie Money     No comments

As a vocal teacher for over 30 years, I have many people ask the question: Can anyone learn how to sing? This question does not have any easy yes or

Welcome Back to Music Lessons!

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Welcome back to all our old students as well as our new students. We are excited about this 2019-2020 school year. We have added some new teachers to our roster:

The Composing Student

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One of the great joys of learning the language of music is discovering your own inner composer. As scintillating as “World Symphony” or “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” and other

Things you should know about Summer Music Lessons!

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As the temperatures rise most of us are thinking of summer holidays and the freedom of not being so scheduled. Most extra-circular activities wind down by June and parents are

“Sing” Adult Pop/Rock Ensemble Gear up for April Concert!!

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Our adult pop/rock ensemble is practicing hard for the April 27 concert. This group of 8 fantastic adults have bonded not only vocally but as a  music community . I

Musical Adventures for 3-4 yr. Spring Session.

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We are now registering for the spring session of Musical Adventures. This parented class is for the young 3-4 yr. It is a fun and engaging 45 min where students

Consistent Practice is Key

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Students who practice thirty minutes on a regular basis during the week (5-7 days) will progress well. Those students who consistently practice will either learn a new song(s) or something