The Foundations of Learning a New Song

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I strongly encourage my piano students to focus on 3 necessary components when beginning to learn a new song (initially, hands separately):

  1. Learn the notes – note accuracy is essential! I highly recommend flash cards & note naming out loud for beginner students. The sooner a student is able to sight read the notes, the quicker he/she will be able to play the song.
  2. Rhythm – playing the notes in time is a must! I highly recommend counting out loud! The song will sound more polished when note accuracy and rhythmic accuracy are coordinated together!
  3. Fingering – playing with proper fingering helps students to effectively transition between notes or measures, thus contributing to polishing the song.

By learning these 3 essential components initially with hands separately, students will be able to put the song hands together more easily and accurately!

Happy Practicing!

Jenny Chan, piano teacher