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By Anita Calhoun, Piano Instructor

As a musician, there are many benefits of performing at a recital. You are able to work towards a goal and perform in front of an audience! It helps you to develop confidence, poise, and enjoy the music from other performers.

How to prepare for a recital? Select a piece that you like and learn it carefully with attention to all the details. Be sure to take the time to learn all the dynamics, articulation and memorize the piece! If it is a particularly long piece, be sure to memorize “starting” points throughout the song in case of memory slips, so you don’t have to start at the beginning if you make a mistake. Practice how you will perform! Have a practice recital at home where you practice walking on stage, play your piece and then bow at the end.

What to do during a recital? Make sure you are dressed well. When you look and feel your best, you will perform your best! Arrive early to the venue to acclimatize to the temperature of the room (especially if you bring your own instrument). Try to stay calm and confident during your performance; you have prepared yourself well! Start performing your piece and enjoy the attention. Once you have performed your piece, revel in the applause; smile and take a bow!

What to do after the recital? Thank the people who have come to watch your performance. Talk to other performers and tell then what you liked about their piece. It is a nice gesture to share and compliment others on the effort they put into preparing for the recital.

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