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Focus & Keeping a Clutter Free Music Space

Focus & Keeping a Clutter Free Music Space

October 7, 2016

By Marcie Frewin, Saxophone/Flute/Piano Instructor
Focus is a key element in many aspects of life and with clear focus we can accomplish many things. We are sometimes interrupted by little things that take our focus away from important tasks like playing music. We deal and cope with distraction on a daily basis and that includes while practicing/performing. Musicians develop a really great listening ear and are able to tune certain things out and others in; a skill that is developed over time as you advance and grow.
A clear and clutter free practice/performing space naturally allows the player to be more at ease and better able to focus on the music in front of them. Have the space promote musical accomplishments of the student. Keep all musical equipment in the same room for convenience and ease to perform. There should not be television or any device on that could cause distraction. Cell phones, our worst distraction, should ALWAYS be silenced during practice/lessons.
Whether it is in music class at school, in lesson time with a teacher, or private practice time at home, the student/player should be focused properly in a clutter-free space. The student will be able to achieve a better sound and performance quality.  The student will move forward — reaching goals and achieving success!



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