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Edmonton Academy of Music is a southwest Edmonton music school that prioritizes building long-lasting relationships with our students—training and guiding them through their technique, repertoire and performance.

FOIP Policy

FOIP Policy

Dear Adult Students, Guardians and Parents,

As required under the FOIP Act, informed consent is required when a student’s personal information is shared outside of the school environment.  We have incorporated into this consent form a number of regular activities where Edmonton Academy of Music (EAOM) students’ personal information may be released.

Your consent is voluntary, may be revoked at any time and will be valid only for 2020 – 2022.  There may be additional activities that will still require consent.  If consent is not provided, alternative arrangements will be made, but it may be necessary to exclude you/your child from the activity.  Please contact Angie Money with any questions or concerns.

Throughout the course of the year, you/your child may be interviewed, photographed or filmed by EAOM, and you/your child may be identified or identifiable in:

  • EAOM Newsletters, which may be distributed throughout your community, posted on our school’s web page and/or available via email
  • EAOM Facebook Page
  • EAOM Online Blog
  • EAOM Website
  • Social Media websites
  • Promotional material, including flyers and online advertising
  • Media for school recitals and/or other events, displayed on PowerPoints and programs