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Private Classes & Packages


Learn about our Explore music program. For the curious mind that has always dreamed about playing an instrument or singing classes but has not yet begun the journey. Choose a direction and dive right in for a 10 week exploration of making music. Absolutely no experience necessary!


Learn about our Discover music program. The next step in the musical quest features 10 months of further skill development and fun, with a focus on technique, repertoire and performance. Discover what makes you unique and express yourself through your music!


Learn about our Adventure music program. Reach new heights in your musical expedition. Be challenged to reach your potential as an individual and an artist. Show the world what you’ve got at the end of the year in a special artist concert showcase.

Drop In

Learn about our Drop In music program. Maybe you are a closet drummer with a busy schedule, or a full-time singing mom with precious little free time – come for a drop in lesson and let us help you feed your musical passion on your own time!

Specialty Packages

Learn about our Specialty Packages. If you are looking to further your music career, we offer a post-secondary audition package as well as other hidden gems!

Group Classes

Piano Adventures (5-6 yr)

Piano Adventures is a parented group piano class for students 5 and 6 yr. who are beginners at the piano. The students will learn basic music theory, note names, rhythm in a fun and interactive group setting. This class is 45 min and is offered for the full year in 3 – 10 week blocks.


Glee Club Group Vocal (8-11 yr )

GLEE is a fun vocal class designed for students 8-11 yr. Classes include: basic vocal skills, rhythm training, music games, basic Broadway/pop dance choreography and fun with percussion. Repertoire is varied with selections from popular Disney productions(the Sound of Music, Mary Poppins ,Beauty and the Beast etc.) as well as traditional musical theatre, folk and pop genres. There are two recitals the class will be expected to perform at each term and other performance opportunities may be added. GLEE is a good starting point for those interested in learning basic vocal technique that will help them transition to private lessons or choral work.