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Learn to Play an Instrument – Exercise the Brain

Learn to Play an Instrument – Exercise the Brain

April 8, 2016

By Tetyana Palykhata, Violin Instructor
Brain training exercises and games have emerged over the past few years as one of the fastest growing fads in self-improvement. Games and websites such as luminosity are designed to keep the user’s brain in shape and improving while remaining fun and engaging.
What if I told you, however, that there is another fun, engaging, tried, and true way of exercising and improving brain activity that also fulfills the artistic and creative needs of whoever engages in it? That’s right! Learning to play a musical instrument like the violin has been shown to work out the brain in many useful ways.
Studies, such as the one done by Marie Forgeard et al., have provided evidence that musical training can increase auditory discrimination, fine motor skills, vocabulary, and even nonverbal reasoning. Furthermore, researchers from the University of Kansas Medical Center published findings that suggest learning an instrument in your youth can help your brain retain its smarts in old age.
On top of working out your brain, learning to play an instrument such as the violin also provides a much needed creative outlet to channel any extra energy or stress through in order to help you lead a happy and healthy life!



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