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Guitar Lessons

While there have been many “plucked” string instruments throughout history, dating as far back as 2000 BC, the modern acoustic guitar was developed in the mid-1800s by Spanish guitar and Luthier Antonio de Torres Jurado, with the electric guitar following in the 1930s. Often tasked with playing the melody of a song, guitars are utilized in a wide variety of musical styles, including pop, rock, jazz, country, blues, and classical. Though modern guitars can have a little as four and as many as 12, the standard number of strings is six.

Beginner classes will teach students the basics of reading music, correct positioning, chords and scales, style specific strum patterns, duet playing, how to tune the guitar, and multiple styles including, blues, country, rock, folk and jazz. Intermediate classes will focus on higher position note reading, solos, and more advanced rhythms; syncopation and dotted 16th. Advanced classes will tackle 16th note arpeggios, diminished and augmented chords, passing notes, keys above three sharps, and advanced technique; hammer ons, pull off, sliding, bending.

Classical Guitar:

Students can learn classical guitar by using the Royal Conservatory of Music book series for guitar. They go through 12 levels from ‘Preparatory’ to the final ‘ARCT’ diploma exam.

  • Students will learn to play in keys up to 2 sharps, 2 flats
  • Students will learn a range of techniques, including legato technique, tremolo picking, arpeggios
  • Proper guitar posture, including sitting position, right and left hand positioning
  • Nail care (depending on age)
  • Students will learn to play in keys up to 4 sharps, 4 flats
  • Techniques will include mordents, cross string trills, artificial harmonics
  • Students will learn to play full barre chords,
  • Refined nail care, different filing shapes
  • Students will be required to learn all major and minor keys
  • Techniques will include pivot barre, altered tunings, rasgueado strumming, multi-voice artificial harmonics passages
  • Students will learn to apply specific techniques from each style period (baroque, classical, etc.)
  • Tone development will be a major focus at this level, through the use of scale and arpeggio work
  • It is recommended that theory studies be concurrent with repertoire studies in order to develop a full understanding.

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Guitar Teachers


Packages & Pricing

Edmonton Academy of Music offers two lesson plan packages that allow you to choose the direction of your musical education. The 10 WEEK  EXPLORE PACKAGE is best suited for the curious mind. The DISCOVER PACKAGE, our regular yearly stream of lessons, is best suited for individuals looking to further develop their skills.

We also offer specialty packages – THE YOUNG MUSICIAN PACKAGE for our young piano players aged 5½-6 years, and our BEGINNER GUITAR PACKAGE for students eight years to adults who want to begin learning the guitar.

Explore Package

  • Explore your musical talents with the Explore package: best suited for students who are curious about lessons and want to explore instrumental or vocal lessons.

Discover Package

  • Further develop your musical talents with the Discover package: best suited for students who would like to discover and further develop their skills.

The Young Musician

Piano Package
  • Are your little ones curious about music and show interest in learning how to play the piano? We are now offering piano lessons for children 5.5 - 6 years old.

Beginner Guitar Package



  • This 10-week course is for beginner guitar students 8 years old up to adults. One-on-one guitar instruction, weekly for ten weeks.

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