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Music Theory


Music Theory Lessons

Music theory is the common language spoken by any musician and learning how to play music is no different than learning to speak a new language. A strong foundation must be established first; if not, a student’s progress can be hindered. Music theory is an important foundational component to any aspiring musician because it allows the musician to understand how a musical piece is written and read, and in turn, provides them the opportunity to speak the language of music fluently.

It is integral to musicians and vocalists alike, as it encompasses the dynamics, tempo, and articulation of notes, allowing one to both hear and see music. When this foundation is firmly established and instilled in a musician, they will naturally continue to pick up the language and nuances of music.

Students can work and add Royal Conservatory of Music theory to support their chosen instrument. The curriculum follows the grade level the student is in with their chosen instrument or voice. Teachers will prepare students for the exams using the graded Royal Conservatory of Music Graded Theory repertoire. Students will learn about the staff,note names, rhythm, scales, key signatures, ti,e signatures, writing melodies, Musical history and analysing pieces.

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Packages & Pricing

Edmonton Academy of Music offers two lesson plan packages that allow you to choose the direction of your musical education. The 10 WEEK  EXPLORE PACKAGE is best suited for the curious mind. The DISCOVER PACKAGE, our regular yearly stream of lessons, is best suited for individuals looking to further develop their skills.

We also offer specialty packages – THE YOUNG MUSICIAN PACKAGE for our young piano players aged 5½-6 years, and our BEGINNER GUITAR PACKAGE for students eight years to adults who want to begin learning the guitar.

Explore Package

  • Explore your musical talents with the Explore package: best suited for students who are curious about lessons and want to explore instrumental or vocal lessons.

Discover Package

  • Further develop your musical talents with the Discover package: best suited for students who would like to discover and further develop their skills.

The Young Musician

Piano Package
  • Are your little ones curious about music and show interest in learning how to play the piano? We are now offering piano lessons for children 5.5 - 6 years old.

Beginner Guitar Package



  • This 10-week course is for beginner guitar students 8 years old up to adults. One-on-one guitar instruction, weekly for ten weeks.

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