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Edmonton Academy of Music is a southwest Edmonton music school that prioritizes building long-lasting relationships with our students—training and guiding them through their technique, repertoire and performance.


Vocal Lessons

Many people all over the world love to sing, but few really stop to think about the human voice as being an actual instrument. But it truly is a beautiful and unique natural instrument humans are born with!

The voice doesn’t simply “appear” the moment we open our mouths, but instead happens as a result of many body parts working together harmoniously, such as the lungs, diaphragm, larynx, vocal chords, tongue, palate, teeth, and lips. And popular to contrary belief, you don’t have to possess a natural talent for singing in order to be a good singer: with the right training, care and practice, you’ll learn to appreciate and love your singing voice.

Students can begin vocal lessons starting from 8 years old to adults. We will first start by assessing the student through a Voice Evaluation, which includes taking the potential student through various scales and hearing tests to determine whether they are ready for private vocal lessons. We will also make any necessary recommendations for the amount of time and type of teacher depending on the student’s goals.

Students will learn the mechanics of breathing for singing (diaphragmatic breathing), discuss proper posture and body awareness, work through various vocal exercises on vowels and consonant vowel blend, to strengthen their tone and range , ear training through sight reading and various exercises and then develop a song repertoire. Young Voices ( 8-12 yr.) will be introduced to musical theatre , folk and some pop songs. 13- yr. – Adults will be asked to bring some song ideas to add to the teachers repertoire for the student. Students will have the opportunity to follow the Royal Conservatory of Music vocal training and take exams as an option as well.
Students will continue to work on strong breathing , developing their warm ups, performance technique and building their song repertoire in the style they have chosen. Students also have the opportunity to work towards the Royal Conservatory of Music Exam route as an option. All students are given opportunities to perform in various concerts and events to further their vocal training.

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Packages & Pricing

Edmonton Academy of Music offers two lesson plan packages that allow you to choose the direction of your musical education. The 10 WEEK  EXPLORE PACKAGE is best suited for the curious mind. The DISCOVER PACKAGE, our regular yearly stream of lessons, is best suited for individuals looking to further develop their skills.

We also offer specialty packages – THE YOUNG MUSICIAN PACKAGE for our young piano players aged 5½-6 years, and our BEGINNER GUITAR PACKAGE for students eight years to adults who want to begin learning the guitar.

Explore Package

  • Explore your musical talents with the Explore package: best suited for students who are curious about lessons and want to explore instrumental or vocal lessons.

Discover Package

  • Further develop your musical talents with the Discover package: best suited for students who would like to discover and further develop their skills.

The Young Musician

Piano Package
  • Are your little ones curious about music and show interest in learning how to play the piano? We are now offering piano lessons for children 5.5 - 6 years old.

Beginner Guitar Package



  • This 10-week course is for beginner guitar students 8 years old up to adults. One-on-one guitar instruction, weekly for ten weeks.

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Are you ready to embrace your musical talents?


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