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Music Education for Adults It’s Never Too Late to Learn

Music Education for Adults It’s Never Too Late to Learn

October 7, 2023

Life as an adult can be complex with work, kids and other events competing for your attention. Studies have found that learning an instrument, singing or joining a music group can help calm your nervous system, release emotion, decrease anxiety and improve overall mental health. Here are a few reasons to book yourself into music lessons.

1. Improves Brain Function: Learning an instrument can help boost memory, attention and the brain’s cognitive abilities. This gives you a mental workout and strengthens all parts of your brain and its functions.

2. Increases Self-Esteem: Acquiring a new skill is fulfilling. The feeling of accomplishment from learning a piece, singing a song, or nailing that guitar lick will be worth it. Working with an instructor and receiving positive feedback or coaching on your technique assists in building your confidence.

3. Creative Outlet: Music offers a creative outlet for self-expression. It allows you to explore different styles and genres. Dabbling in lyric or melody writing can help put emotions on paper. As well, it allows you to balance work, family, and time for yourself.

4. Improved Discipline and Time Management: Taking a music class and learning an instrument requires practice and dedication. Adults will need to set aside chunks of time in their schedule to learn the skills needed to play their chosen instrument. Making space and focusing attention for daily practice will reap many benefits.

At Edmonton Academy of Music, we have many adult students. Here is what some of our teachers say about teaching adult learners:

“Adult learners can benefit their brain by learning music. Studies show that the Broca’s area, which controls ‘visuospatial analysis and sequencing of rapid motor actions’ is enlarged in musicians and continues to enlarge the longer one practices sight reading. I enjoy teaching adults; they can often have an advantage over younger students. Their life experience and knowledge add to their understanding of the music.” – John McDonnell (guitar, bass, ukulele, theory teacher)

“I love teaching adult students because of watching the excitement on their faces when they accomplish a song with correct rhythm and feeling. They start with a humility; it’s fun to watch their confidence grow. They also learn the concepts quickly but need to practice coordination more. Learning new things is good for the mind and body.” – Sarena Rattray (voice and piano)



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