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Planting Seeds in your Life

Planting Seeds in your Life

April 4, 2022

Spring is a wonderful time of the year.  It is the promise of warmer weather, budding of tulips, the emerging of leaves on trees, fuzzy pussy willows and new growth. The scenery is about to change to vibrant colours.

My outlook on life seems to come alive.  I feel that I have been in a winter cave, layering coats, mitts and hats, trudging through ice and snow.  But spring has me shedding.  Shedding old ideas and perceptions, habits that don’t serve me well, thoughts that keep me stagnant.  I am reaching for lighter layers to clothe me with the warmth of the sun.  I am hopeful for fresh new growth as I plan t new seeds in my life.

I have been reflecting on what seeds I want to plan in my life.  What harvest do I want to yield. Whatever you feed will grow. Faith or fear, worry or confidence, doubt or belief.  It is our choice what grows.

Here are a few seeds that I will be planting. I encourage you to plant some new seeds this spring.

*Generosity: being present with people as I interact with them, generous with my time, being abundant with encouraging words to others around me, listening to needs of others and supplying  resources where I can.

*Healthy Practices: with food, exercise, mindfulness, balance, hiring a personal trainer to kick my butt.

*Playfulness: this leads to creativity , my life will become more enjoyable, frees my mind and helps me find solutions. As adults we forget to play. Finding something that fills me up, that will bring me joy and  have me laughing with no specific purpose other than to play.

*Adventure: I tend to play it safe so this will be a stretch for me.  Exploring what adventure means to me. It may not mean sky diving but for growth I  need to do things that “scare” me  a little. Saying yes to an adventure will bring excitement and courage in my life. For you it might mean taking a singing class or starting a new instrument. For me it may hiking up a mountain that has a few challenging hair raising paths.  Whatever it is I challenge you to take the first step….plant the seed.


Angie Money is Director of Edmonton Academy of Music




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