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Preparing for a Performance

Preparing for a Performance

January 9, 2022

Prepare for a Performance

  • Listen and watch various performances of the song you will be playing!
  • Once you have your song down, try increasing your tempo!
  • Record yourself!
  • Play in front of others!

In preparation for a performance, try listening to various performances of the song you will be playing for inspiration! You could even listen to it performed on various instruments! Reflect to add details and nuances into your own performance! Try playing the song faster to test yourself! Keep in mind during a performance, you will most likely be nervous, so take a deep breath and remember to play at the proper speed when performing! Record yourself! Keep playing through, just like you would during a performance! Remember that every piano feels different, so keep this in mind during performance time! Play in front of family, friends, and stuffed animals! Perform in front of an audience to prepare yourself for the actual performance! Get comfortable with playing in front of an audience! You’ll be ready in no time! Have fun and delight the audience with your joy!

By Jenny Chan, Piano Instructor

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