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Mikaela Olsen

Hello my name is

Mikaela Olsen, and I teach:

Passion for Music
Mikaela’s musical odyssey began at the age of six with the violin, immersed initially in the vibrant sounds of Canadian and Irish fiddle music before delving into classical training. Her journey led her through the esteemed RCM curriculum, culminating in the achievement of Level 10 before venturing into the professional music realm.

Dedicated Education
Recently completing her undergraduate degree in Violin Performance at the University of Alberta under the mentorship of Robert Uchida, concertmaster of the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, Mikaela also explored her passion for the viola under the guidance of ESO’s principal violist, Keith Hamm. Her bond with this instrument continues to deepen.

Diverse Musical Experiences
Mikaela’s musical experiences extend beyond academia. She enriched her craft at the National Academy Orchestra in Hamilton, Ontario, during their 2023 summer program, and has participated in prestigious summer programs like Rosamunde across Canada. Mikaela’s dedication has led her to engage with virtuosos such as Pinchas Zukerman, Kerson Leong, and Mark Fewer through masterclasses, complemented by scholarships and performance accolades, including a prestigious invitation to a festival in Cremona, Italy.

Harmony with Nature
Outside the realm of music, Mikaela finds solace in nature, hiking and backpacking in the mountains with cherished friends and family.

Teaching Philosophy
For the past six years, Mikaela has joyfully imparted her knowledge to students of all ages and backgrounds in violin and viola. She believes in nurturing her students’ musical journeys through a blend of challenge and encouragement, tailored to their unique aspirations and capabilities. Mikaela’s teaching philosophy emphasizes attentive listening and meeting students where they are, guiding them in a style that suits their learning preferences, integrating aural skills, Western music theory, and history seamlessly into their lessons. Her goal is to equip her students with the tools to become independent learners, ready to conquer the challenges that lie ahead in their musical pursuits.

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