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Samantha Tse

Hello my name is

Samantha Tse, and I teach:

Samantha’s introduction to music began at an early age with piano. As Samantha continued learning piano, with the support of her parents, she received her RCM 9 piano certificate.

Music offers numerous benefits to its partakers. It can support emotional well-being and develop a person’s work ethic. There is nothing quite as exciting for Samantha as opening herself up to music in a shared setting or as enchanting as expressing herself musically in a personal setting. Music also can develop a person’s work ethic as the person builds mastery. Developing her musical skills in piano brought Samantha great confidence, especially when she saw the results of her labour.
Samantha’s passion for teaching brought her to pursue a Bachelor of Secondary Education at the University of Alberta, where she graduated. Samantha has taught piano to a range of students and is capable of preparing students for RCM examinations. She has a passion for sharing her knowledge, experience, and learning with her students so that her students can also share the benefits of music.

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