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Yinning Sa

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Yinning Sa, and I teach:

Meet Yinning: A passionate music mentor, award-winning pianist, and composer. With a First-Class Honors Bachelor's in Classical Music and ongoing Master's studies in Piano Performance, Yinning has seven years of teaching experience, guiding students of all ages to find their artistic voices. Her musical talents also extend to the electone and saxophone, inspired by musical legends like The Beatles and Alice Sara Ott.

Introducing Yinning: Your Music Mentor

Yinning’s Musical Odyssey:

Yinning’s lifelong love affair with music commenced at the tender age of three, greatly influenced by her mother, a dedicated piano teacher. From the early stages, she actively engaged in piano competitions and showcased her talents in chamber music and solo piano performances, securing accolades such as the Gold Award at the 2018 Hong Kong Piano Competition and the distinguished 2nd runner-up position at the 2019 Malaysian Piano Competition National.

A Composer at Heart:

Yinning isn’t just a performer; she’s also a passionate composer. When she was nine, her debut composition, “Mystical Mahsuri,” was chosen for a prestigious performance at the National Yamaha Junior Original Concert.

Academic Achievements:

Yinning honed her musical skills at UCSI University, graduating with a Bachelor of Classical Music with First-Class Honors. As a student scholar, she actively participated in philanthropic endeavours, contributing her talents to charity concerts like “The Sound of Kindness: A Fundraising Concert for UNICEF” in 2018. She also had the privilege of sharing the stage with the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra in 2017 and 2018.

A Pursuit of Mastery:

With an insatiable thirst for knowledge, Yinning is pursuing a Masters in Piano Performance at the University of Alberta.

Mentoring the Next Generation:

With seven years of teaching experience, Yinning has become a nurturing mentor to students of all ages. She focuses on refining their playing techniques, nurturing their ear for music, enhancing their musicianship, deepening their understanding of music theory, and refining their sight-reading abilities.

Yinning’s teaching philosophy centers around guiding her students to become independent thinkers and confident learners as they discover and express their unique artistic voices.

A Multifaceted Musician:

In addition to her prowess on the piano, Yinning is adept at playing the Electone and the saxophone, showcasing her versatility in the world of music.

Musical Inspirations:

Yinning’s musical tastes are as diverse as her talents. She draws inspiration from musical legends like The Beatles, the captivating Alice Sara Ott, and her current favorite, the enchanting Laufey.

With her passion for music and unwavering commitment to teaching, Yinning is poised to lead you on a transformative musical journey, regardless of age or experience. Join her and explore the enchanting world of music, a universal language that brings people together and expresses the heart’s deepest emotions.

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