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Drums and Theory
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Andy Thai graduated from MacEwan University with a diploma in performance, majoring in drums, as well as a diploma in Recording & Production. He is well versed in many styles from jazz to pop, mainly focusing on gospel and RnB. He is currently drumming on his own album as well as being a freelance musician drumming on other musician’s projects.

Andy has always had a love for music in any form, which has helped him become not only a drummer but also an artist. His knowledge in music theory has helped him in learning many different percussive instruments including the marimba and bells. He strongly believes that theory is an important tool to any musician: as it has helped him in many situations from reading charts to improvising with others in live settings.

Andy believes having a strong student/teacher relationship is key to achieving success through a balance of teacher-directed learning with a strong focus on student interests.

His passion for music is just as strong as his passion for teaching others. He encourages stretching and warming up before practicing and that all students should carve out a set amount of time to practice their fundamentals as well as materials taught in lessons. Andy believes that learning should be fun and you should love what you do.

Studio Policy:

*Students must be on time. Lessons will not be extended.

*Students should come prepared for each lesson with the essential tools required for their instrument(ex. sticks, brushes, drum pad, learning materials such as a binder for materials given and books.)

*Instructor will only make up two lessons a year if given 24 hr. notice. Cancellations and no-shows will be dealt with in policy form.

*Students must set aside time each week to practice what was taught in their lessons and come prepared with questions they were having troubles. bring ideas of music or songs you want to learn to the lessons.

*Have Fun!