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Voice, Music for Young Children
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Angie Money is the founder and director of Edmonton Academy of Music. She has been teaching voice for over 30 years. She holds a  A.R.C.T Degree in Voice Performance and Singing Teacher   from the Royal Conservatory of Toronto as well as an Intermediate Voice Specialist.

Over the years she has taught private voice to students of all ages as well as directed choirs and vocal ensembles. Angie encourages students to find their style whether it is pop, musical theatre , classical , country or jazz.  She has prepared vocal students for exams with the Royal Conservatory of Music as well as worked with students who just want to learn voice for fun.

Angie has also written and co-produced two CDs, her debut album and “Dream.” She has toured across western Canada with her songs as well as given seminars.

Her passion is to have students “find their voice” and enjoy the gift of music. Angie has also worked with companies to provide Team Building Group Vocal Lessons.

Angie is also  a certified Music For Young Children teacher. Angie works with groups of  students in all levels of this foundational piano course.

Studio Policy

Be on time.

Students must be on time for lessons. Please give the instructor notice if you will not be at a lesson. Angie will only make up two lessons for the music year if she has been given 24 hr. notice.

Be prepared.

Please bring to each class:

  • binder with loose leaf paper
  • music and books
  • water bottle

Be actively practicing.

You will only advance to the degree that you spend time nurturing your voice.

Set aside 4-5 days a week to practice. Being consistent with shorter sessions is more effective than 1 longer session.