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Piano and early childhood music teacher Audrey Shonn is passionate about the value of beginning music education at the preschool level. A certified Elementary Music Specialist in Piano with the Royal Conservatory of Music, a current Montessori music teacher and having taught Music for Young Children program for more that 8 years, Audrey is a great resource for families who are looking for a teacher who truly understands and enjoys working with younger musicians.

A lifelong learner, Audrey continues to study music through Royal Conservatory teacher courses and workshops. Playing French Horn and singing round out her leisure time away from the piano studies. She is a member of two local concert bands, a horn choir and also sings in a community choir.


Studio Policy

Responsibility – Parents are responsible to make sure your child attends every lesson unless he/she is ill and ensure Music@Home practice activities are completed each week, with practice days checked off.
Encouragement – Encourage your child to spend happy music time with you every day.
Satisfaction – Children who come to their lessons prepared receive great satisfaction in learning an instrument.

Practice – It is more valuable to spend a few minutes at the keyboard each day that to spend an  hour the day before a piano lesson.

Engagement – Being engaged during your child’s practice time is essential,even if you have little or no musical experience.
Commitment – Learning music is a skill, just like learning to play a sport. To be successful, you must commit to doing the work.
Time – Arrive on time! My teaching schedule runs lessons back to back ,so if you are late, you lose those valuable minutes.

Other Considerations:

  • Please-no cell phones if you choose to sit in on your child’s lesson
  • In a group situation, if your child is disrupting the class, please take him/her out of the room and have a chat with them privately
  • If you are going to be away, a quick text message to my phone number at 780 446 7130 or email to is appreciated.
  • If you change a phone number or email address please let me know right away so that I can contact you should there be any reason to reschedule a class (example : a snow day)