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Jenny started her musical journey at 8 years old, constantly asking her mom to put her into piano lessons! Years of lessons, hard work, recital performances, and Royal Conservatory Examinations led her to earn her Grade 9 (Honors) from the Royal Conservatory of Music in high school, which enabled her to graduate with exceeding credits! This also enabled her to start her piano teaching at age 15! She has also performed piano accompaniment for local music productions.

While classically trained, her Bachelor of Arts (Music Major/Chemistry minor) introduced her to other areas of the musical world, including conducting, instrumentation, arranging, jazz history, ethnomusicology, music history, music and gender, and also furthering her theory studies.
Not only did she earn her Bachelor of Arts, but she also earned her Bachelor of Education from the University of Alberta. This double degree enabled her to meld her passions together – music, teaching, and children!

She has almost 20 years of experience teaching piano to children, youth, and adults of varying skill levels, from beginners to preparing students for RCM examinations. She works with her students, catering to their musical goals, to guide them along a successful musical journey. She believes in students learning by both sight and ear, and having a well-rounded experience in order for them to enhance their musical abilities. She encourages students to bring in anything they are working on along with any current class material. Her warm, friendly nature and easy-going attitude helps create a safe, positive environment for her students to thrive in. Jenny is a member of the Alberta Piano Teachers Association and Carl Orff Canada. Jenny has participated in the following workshops: The Art of Teaching Theory: Level 5,6,7 and 8 -Webinar Series, Alfred Piano Workshop with Catherine Rollin.  She is a RCM Certified Teacher and has obtained her Orff Level 1.

Studio Policy

  • Please be prepared for your lesson, including bringing all materials/ books.
  • Please do not come into the lesson with animal dander on your clothes, as I am very allergic.
  • Make up lessons will be provided, if advance notice (not the day of the lesson) is given, and if my schedule permits. Make up lessons will be the responsibility of the parents/students, therefore will only be rescheduled once.
  • If a student is 15 minutes late, the student will be considered absent.