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Jon Guenter is a freelance musician based  in the city of Edmonton. He’s a recent graduate of MacEwan university’s Bachelor of Music program, majoring is Drum Set Performance, where he spent the majority of his studies focusing on improvisation. Throughout his studies, Jon has taken the role of bandleader and has played in a variety of styles, from rock to pop. While Jon’s focus lies in the genre of jazz he is well  versed in many different styles and has a passions for teaching music to students of all ages and abilities.

Jon is a firm believer in examining the aspects of music from a variety of different angles and believes this process is essential in the development of any musician. Jon has invested his time into understanding not only the theory technique, listening and instrument application but music theory as a whole. By learning music through mediums like theory, technique, listening and instrument application, this provides students with the tools to both learn and understand music, allowing them a creative outlet that will translate into other areas of life.

Jon’s passion for learning is equally matched by his passion for teaching and it is the experience of growth and knowledge that makes teaching such a positive experience for both Jon and his students. Jon understands  each student learns their own way and at different speeds but encourages students to spend a designated set of time each week to work on the materials discussed in class. Jon wants the best for his students and will strive to provide an environment that results in a positive experience for each student.


Studio Policy:

*Students should come to each lesson with necessary tools required to learn (ex. drum sticks and assigned learning materials such as books)

*Students should have time each week to practice what was discussed in their lesson and come prepared to develop those concepts and ideas from week to week.

*Students should be on time for each lesson(preferably five minutes early)-no lesson extensions are available.

*Absences and cancellations are dealt with in the regulation policy form.

*If students are frequently missing lessons, Jon will need to be contacted so we can discuss issues that might be coming up.