Nazar Palykhata

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Nazar is a violinist with a passion for music and its unbridled variety.

The son of a violinist and music academy instructor, Nazar was exposed to music from the very beginning and began playing violin at the age of four. Having moved around Europe and north America in his youth, he developed a love for the many flavors and styles of music; from the jazz of New Orleans to the southern country and fiddle styles of Mississippi, as well as the evergreen classical tutelage of his mother’s instruction.

Nazar values passion, exploration, consistency and dedication. He expects his students to have the passion to both explore their instrument with music they are personally excited about and the drive to learn repertoire that increases their technical proficiency. Daily practice is the cornerstone of success because one will only practice daily if they are truly excited to create music.

Studio Policy

  • Students should come to class prepared with all music/materials required for that lesson.
  • Students are expected to show up on time; any student that is fifteen minutes late forfeits that lesson.
  • Lessons are the time for guided and concentrated practice, therefore students should practice any music they are assigned at home so that already existing mistakes and improvements can be worked on in class.
  • A limited amount of make up lessons are available given proper notice as per outlined in the “missed lessons” section of the academy’s policies and procedures.