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Voice and Piano
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When Sarena was taken to a live symphony performance of Handel’s Messiah at four years old, she pointed to the violins saying “I want to learn that”. The next week she was enrolled in Suzuki method violin classes and her musical journey started.

Sarena loves to sing.  She sang in a variety of church solos and musicals. She was part of the Anne Campbell choir of Lethbridge, AB at age six and when she moved to Edmonton in 1987 she joined Columbian Girls Choir until 1993. During these years she began studying and learning piano through the Royal Conservatory and Western Board of Music and participated in Kiwanis Festivals.

Her love of music led her to Kings University where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in the performance of voice and piano. There she was part of the Chamber Choir. She also studied at the University of Alberta where she earned her Bachelor of Music degree majoring in vocal operatic performance. There she was part of the Madrigal Singers where they won first place in an International Competition in Ireland.

Through the years she has learned to play violins and drums as well as composition. She released her CD “Grace” in 2013 and has co-composed and sang in Electronic Dance Music singles from 2018-2020. She enjoys playing with other musicians as she has been in two bands and worship team for many years.

Having been privately teaching for 28 years she often finds herself feeling joy and fascination in helping students find their voice. She believes learning should be fun and adventurous while developing the skills, theory, history, emotion and stage performance. Her teaching method and lesson plans are specific to each student’s needs and supports them in exploring different musical genres.


Come on Time

Please be on time for each lesson. There is a set schedule and don’t want other students time effected by tardiness. If you are 15 minutes late you will be marked absent.  Please try to give 24hours notice if you will not be able to attend a lesson. There will be two make up lessons for the year if given 24 hour notice.

Last minute cancellations will be forfeited.

Come Prepared 

Please bring all music books and/or sheets, water bottle and mask, and notebook for teacher assignments and practicing tips.

Come to learn

Let’s learn having fun and have good atmosphere and attitude

Please practice 4-5 times/week. Don’t rush through practice time, take your time to learn things correctly.

If you want to learn other songs from movies, video games, radio or whatever,  just ask. We can explore together.