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My name is Tetyana Palykhata. I am a violinist and music teacher and have been teaching the violin in the form of private lessons for 20 years in several countries: Ukraine, Finland, Czech Republic, USA and Canada. I first began to play violin when I was seven and developed a love for music and the wonderful sounds that this delicate instrument could produce. I studied music in various Ukrainian schools and in the college as well as the NOBTS of New Orleans where I acquired my Bachelor’s of Art majoring in music and violin performance and Master’s degree in Music with concentration in conducting.

Teaching has always been a passion of mine and as a young girl I dreamed of running classrooms and helping others to achieve greatness in their pursuit of knowledge. This desire to teach and my love of the violin pushed me to begin teaching private lessons in 1993, applying Suzuki, Traditional and Kodaly method to teaching both violin and piano. I have never looked back since.

After completing my master’s degree in music, my family and I were forced to move to Mississippi when hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. However, it was in Mississippi that I decided to move on from teaching violin in my house and start up a studio where I could teach violin and piano full scale. I joined with the local Hope Academy of the Arts and began to teach private lessons for 70 students ages 4-60 years old.

Eventually I became the director of the Academy and expanded into also teaching choir and chamber orchestra in addition to one on one violin and piano lessons. I have recently gone back to school and acquired a bachelor’s of Education as well as a teaching license for Alberta. I am excited to start my journey as a violin instructor with Edmonton Music Academy.

All of my students will be expected to arrive on time, prepared with their instrument and any books or music material that I have assigned to them. For children who are just beginning to play and do not yet have a violin, please do not buy one previous to the lesson so that I may consult you on the best style, size and type of violin to most benefit your child.