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The Beginner Piano Kit – all you need to know to start your musical journey

The Beginner Piano Kit – all you need to know to start your musical journey

Angie Money - Edmontn Academy of Music
January 4, 2021

The Piano Kit:
What Kind of Piano Should I Buy?
For beginner piano student an electronic keyboard is a good start and your best value. Electronic keyboards come in a 4 octave range or full size keyboards. I like the full size keyboard since it will last you for a long time and you will not not need to upgrade. Yamaha, Kawaii and Roland are good brands and  you will want weighted keys or touch sensitive. This will allow you to play with dynamics .  Having a stand, bench and music stand for your music will be essential as well. An acoustic piano is the best and recommended  when students are in  higher levels of piano.  The touch and feel is important  as you move into learning harder pieces.
Creating Music Space for Practice:
It is so important to have a dedicated space in your home for music practice. It should be a quiet area, not in the path of busy traffic. Have a book shelf for your music books, pencils and erasers on hand for theory and marking up your pieces. This will set you up for success.
How Long should I practice?
Length of time will depend on the age of the student. For younger students 5-6 yr, 10 min daily is a good rule of thumb. As the student gets older there will be more songs to practice so the length of time will increase. Consistency is key. Daily purposeful practice will move the student ahead. The teacher will guide each student according to their age and level.
What Music books shall I buy?
Each teacher uses method books and will advise students on what to buy. Younger students will usually start on primer level books with a theory component as well.  There are also beginner  teenager and adult method books that work well for students and will move them quicker through the learning process. Teachers always like to add a “fun” or “popular” book as well with songs that the student may be familiar with.

Angie Money teaches voice and piano. She enjoys teaching beginners young and seasoned!



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