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The Joy of Performance

The Joy of Performance

February 2, 2017

Here at Edmonton Academy of Music, every academic year, we hold two concerts scheduled to take place in early February (Midwinter Concert) and in mid-June (Year End Concert). The locations of these two concerts usually take place in a local church in the city.
As a teacher, I have strongly encouraged my students to participate in at least one of the concerts, if not both, for several reasons. Firstly, each student chooses their own favourite pieces to perform, and in doing so they endeavor to learn the piece well in order to do it well at the concert.
Secondly, as a musician, you learn to perform in front of an audience with courage and calmness. Not only do you gain a certain poise when performing, but by sharing your musical talent with the audience, you give them a chance to be inspired in turn.
After the long hours spent learning the piece and practicing it well to perfection, it builds up an excitement to perform in front of an audience. Before you know it, it will be fun to perform on stage! When you hear the applause after your performance, it will bring you a sense of joy and pride. Your hard work is being recognised! Every performance you give will bring you to another level of learning and confidence!
Lastly, during the concert, listen to the other musicians! You have the chance to be inspired by their hard work as well. Every participant enjoys and cheers for each other. What a rewarding way to learn, to share and to gain a new experience every time you perform.
Best wishes to all the dedicated student performers at Edmonton Academy of Music’s upcoming concerts! We are so proud of you all, and can’t wait to see you shine!
Pam Lang



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