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The Process of Learning

The Process of Learning

October 7, 2016

By Judith Plooy, Piano Instructor
As a piano teacher, I have found that when most students first begin to learn to play the piano, they often find it to be quite easy. They may learn very quickly and move through the lesson material at a rapid pace. As I present them with more difficult challenges as their skills increase, they may find that over time their rapid learning pace gradually slows. Many students become discouraged when this happens. There may be periods of time when students learn quickly, followed by periods where their learning pace is less rapid. This can alternate back and forth. It is all linked to how the brain and body learn and develop. Some more specific skills take longer than others to develop. This is something that every student encounters. Whatever your individual situation is as a student, do not dismay if you feel that your learning pace has slowed. Remember, if you continue practicing regularly, you will develop the skills that you need to move into another period of more rapid learning. It is all part of the process.



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