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The Singing Habit

The Singing Habit

February 6, 2017

When it comes to learning any new skill, constant repetition is your best friend. Repetition helps strengthen your skills and promotes long term muscle memory. Forming the good habit of singing helps you to be disciplined and productive in other areas of your life. If singing brings you joy and helps you feed your inner creativity, then it follows that indulging in the daily habit of doing so can only be a positive one!
Here is my list of the top 10 things to do in order to develop a good singing habit:

  •  Always start your practice session with vocal warm ups – they remind your muscles how to move.
  • Make your practice time a priority by scheduling it into your calendar like your other appointments.
  • Break down your music into small sections and rehearse each one until they are comfortable.
  • Memorize as you go (make your teacher ecstatic!).
  • Set practice goals and reward yourself when you reach them (perhaps with concert tickets or new itunes music?).
  • Be kind to yourself and respect your body’s signals – rest if you feel tired, sick, or tense! – tomorrow is another day.
  • Take time to listen to other singers and watch their videos – it’s inspiring!
  • Use mental imagery to work through your song, being mindful of various bodily sensations and remembering them to help you recreate the sounds you like.
  • Practice reciting your song out loud expressively – then sing it like you said it.
  • Look for an emotional connection to the material as you start the learning process – it makes the technical part easier! Remember: small steps over long periods of time add up – be patient and enjoy the journey ☺

Julie Boettcher
Vocal/Piano Instructor



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