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Welcome Back to Music Lessons

Welcome Back to Music Lessons

September 20, 2021

Welcome back to Music Lessons. September is always  a month of new beginnings. We start new projects, enrol in a  a new class, redecorate or set a new fitness goal. Whether you are new to music or rekindling something you left behind taking a music class should be on the top of your list this fall. Adding music to your life has been know to have several benefits. Music is fun! It boosts your self confidence, helps your brain develop (memory and spatial learning), helps with focus and decision making. The list goes on and on. Any age can enjoy the journey of learning a musical instrument and  there are no limits to what style you can learn .

So what do you choose?  For young  children  piano and violin are great instruments for them to begin with. Piano lays the foundation for some other instruments  as well as for voice and violin helps students to develop their ear, finger dexterity and strength.

Ukelele is a great instrument to start  for those young students who eventually want to  learn the guitar.(7-8 yr). It is relatively easy to press down the strings and learn some basic chords.

Guitar students  ( 8 yr to adults) can start learning acoustic or electric guitar. Strum patterns, basic chords, note names are a few skills that will be taught in the  beginners lessons. Those that have a base can explore different styles, various chord positions and  more advanced rhythms.

Cello is a lovely instrument  and is played siting down. Students (8 yr to adults) as beginners will learn basic posture, bow technique, tone production and basic lefthand positions and patterns. Those that have been playing  cello for a while can add to their knowledge with advanced bowing techniques, complicated rhythms and  work on playing  in a variety of musical keys.

Students who want to pursue vocal lessons can start at 8 yr to adults. Beginner students will learn breathing technique, how to strengthen  tone and range through various vocal exercises and begin to build a musical repertoire of songs. For those that are advanced, opportunity to work on performance technique , exploring different vocal styles and building a song list suited to the students voice will take them to the next level.

Drums are fun and great for students who love a beat. Students 8 yr to adults will  learn basic rhythm and set playing as well as music theory. Various styles can learned to the preference of the student.

So what will be your choice?  Whatever you are drawn to take that step and start your musical journey.


Angie Money

Director of Edmonton Academy of Music





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