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What I Love About Concerts

What I Love About Concerts

January 8, 2016

Each year our music school holds two concerts, a MidWinter one in February and an end of the year concert in June.
For me it is a favourite time working with students to find the “piece” that will showcase their natural talent and ability. As a vocal teacher we look through our pieces that we have learned and make a list of the pieces that the student enjoyed learning. For a performance piece we ask the questions was this a good fit for the student’s vocal range, will the song work just with a piano accompaniment, and do they believe in the text, so they bring emotion across to the audience.
What I love about concerts is the growth I see in students. We have many students that have been with us from the early stages of their musical journey. Each year I see their confidence and skill level build and grow. Many students have added on another discipline which is fun to see.Concerts are a part of the learning process in music. It develops perseverence and focus on a short term goal while building self confidence.There is a great sense of accomplishment as they walk down from the stage to an appreciative audience.
What I love about concerts is that music is to be shared. Every student is unique in their musical style and how they share it with the audience. Music brings us to different places in our hearts, minds and emotions. Listening to the different pieces students have chosen gives us a glimpse into who they are. That is why I think concerts are a celebration. A celebration of each students musical journey.



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