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What to do with Your Kids this Summer!!

What to do with Your Kids this Summer!!

April 25, 2017

As a parent spring is a welcome season!! I love the warmer temperatures and extended daylight!! With this season comes the thought that summer will soon be around the corner and the big question what activities can I find for my kids!! April is usually the month I spend googling camps and unique opportunities for them to be involved in. It seems you need to register children early to get a spot!!  As a music teacher I have conversations with parents about how their kids are ready to break from music lessons. But I have a different spin on taking the summer off from music!!  Here are some thoughts, agree or disagree… maybe consider this for your brood this summer!!
*Summer is a perfect time to start music lesson!!!  For beginner students I find July and August a great time to start the musical journey. September is busy with starting school and getting back into routines. In summer there is plenty of “Free” time for kids to spend  learning music.  It doesn’t mean that they have to sit for 30 min at a piano or instrument. It can be a 5- 10 min a day but it gets them into the swing of it!!
*Summer is a perfect time to try a different instrument. I think it is good to “Switch ” it up a bit. If your child has been taking piano allow them a couple months of  trying a different instrument or even a voice lesson.  It is great to “Explore” something new to give you a fresh outlook on the music you have been playing all year. This keeps the brain engaged and builds new pathways!!!
*Summer is a perfect time to try a different style of music. If you have been  taking classical piano, try taking a pop chording class.  If you have been playing pop/rock guitar, try classical guitar or even ukulele. If you have been singing pop music try classical!!  Jump online and grab some new music to learn. Students can broaden their skill base and open up their musical horizons.
*Summer is a perfect time to spend on music theory. Yup! A must for those students who are taking exams for music or as an adult to understand the musical language. You can bring your music theory to the cabin, beach, or work on it on a rainy day!!
*Summer is a perfect time to attend a music festival, symphony in the park or other musical shows. They abound everywhere.  I like to check out the local music scene when we are travelling.  Make a goal to attend one event with your family or children this summer!!
***Check out our Music Schedule for Summer Camps and Classes!!!
Angie Money
Director, Vocal and Life coach for Edmonton Academy of Music.



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