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Why you need to share the gift of music.

Why you need to share the gift of music.

December 18, 2016

December has descended on me already and I must say that I have not done a stitch of Christmas shopping.  I had good intentions of shopping online on Cyber Monday and trying to pick up gifts throughout the year. But that didn’t really happen. I love picking out gifts for my family and I must say I love receiving them as well. Most meaningful  are those gifts that people have put some thought into  Recently our Music School had the opportunity to give a gift to a seniors home. Twenty of our students performed Christmas selections  to an attentive audience of seniors. Each student unique and each performance special. The captive audience hummed and sang the Christmas tunes the students played. Our students always comment on how they enjoy that December Concert. Whether the student is just beginning in their musical journey or has been studying for several years sharing the gift of music is an essential part of  the learning process.
Here are a few reasons to share your gift of music with others:
Gives you goal  to work on. Having a timeline to get a piece perfected and polished  for a performance assists you in becoming more accomplished at your instrument. It stretches you and forces you to practice more than if you have no specific goal.
Inspires others to share their talents. You don’t have to wait until you have 10 yr ‘s of music under your belt.Great music is human and others can be encouraged to start where they are at. Whether you are a beginner just starting out or have been playing for a while be an encouragment to fellow students around you. Also gather a few others to join you and make music together.
Free. Sharing your talents with others will not cost you monetarily.. only your time. Look for opportunities to play for others in a variety of settings. Help a fellow beginner student out with some tips and tricks.  Be generous with the gift you have been given.
Teaches you to be a better performer and musician. Each performance will be different. Sometimes you will make mistakes other times  it will be flawless. It can show you what areas you may need to work on or how you can prepare mentally. It will allow you to stretch and grow as a person.
This holiday season take your music with you wherever your go!! Happy Holidays!!
By Angie Money
Director, Edmonton Academy of Music



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