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August 22, 2017

As fall approaches parents are now looking to register their children in different programs. For us at Edmonton Academy of Music we are busy answering calls, setting up meet and greet appointments, answering questions on what is the best  music program for their child and  helping people navigate the world of music lessons!! I love my job as the director. Music has been with me since my first piano lesson at 6 and my first vocal lesson at 8 yr. I’ve never looked back and have combined my love for music and business into our amazing music school!!! My goal with each conversation is to find out what is the right “fit” musically for each student, whether it is a school aged student or adult!!
So why am I sooooo passionate about students learning at our studio!!  HERE’S WHY:

  1. AMAZING TEACHERS!!! Yup we have teachers that have a heart for music and students. They love to share and teach students finding the best method that works for each of them. Each teacher has their own unique style of teaching, different personalities that will suit the diverse students that come our way.
  2. WE LOVE FAMILIES!! Trying to schedule all your budding musicians can be a challenge. But at our studio we try super hard to schedule your kids back to back or close to each other!! We know your time is valuable. Also as an adult you may even want to schedule yourself in for a lesson while your children are taking lessons!!
  3. DIVERSE INSTRUMENTS AND PROGRAMS. We have a variety of instruments that we teach, vocal programs and even our pre-school Music for Young Children classes. There is truly something for everyone!!! (o.k so maybe not harmonica:)
  4. PERFORMANCE OPPORTUNITES. We host two annual concerts for our students to perform. This is part of the learning as a musician. Our concerts are fun and allow the students to see other students performing different instruments. Also our teachers like to show off and perform for our students too!! During the year we arrange other opportunities for our students to perform and give the gift of music to others!!
  5. FUN IN HOUSE EVENTS! Our studio loves to host different contests for the students like guess the composer  As well we put on  FESTIVE WEEK in Dec, POPCORN WEEK in Sept and many other fun activities.
  6. GREAT FRONT DESK STAFF! As you enter you are greeted by our friendly admin staff. They can help you register  your student or answer any questions you may have. Ask them for a tour of the studio and they will gladly give one to you!!

I hope this entices you to give us a call and be part of our music family. We look forward to meeting with you. Also if this article was somewhat helpful to you  give us a call  or email me and let me know!!!
Angie Money, Director
Edmonton Academy of Music



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